Thinguma*jigSaw's third album, "Misery Together" will be released on the 2nd of November, both digitally and on double vinyl! 

"Misery Together" features 20 new Thinguma*jigSaw compositions, and stellar guest performances from (among others) the legendary actor Brad Dourif, Lasse Marhaug, Clodagh Simonds and Knut Reiersrud! 

The release concert will be hold at Mono on the 2nd of November. This will also be Thinguma*jigSaw's last concert in Norway. Thinguma*jigSaw will perform a set of new songs and established classics from their former albums. Special guests on the night comes from beloved friends of Thinguma*jigSaw; Sport Murphy (US) and Alpine Those Myriads. 

A night not to be missed. You hear that all the time - but this time; it`s true.

Go here to buy tickets for the gig.

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