Yes, ye who eagerly await the release of the "ghoul's out" album... Dry your courageous tears! It'll be here very soon, indeed. The releasedate will be the 29th of august (the Norwegian release - the album will be distributed by Diger in Norway), and Thinguma*jigSaw will do launchgigs in

Porsgrunn, Norway (Trossa - 29th of august)
Oslo, Norway (Sound of Mu - 1st of september)
Drammen, Norway (Union Scene - 2nd of september)
See concerts for other shows.

Then, Thinguma*jigSaw will bring the new album on tour - to Ireland, England, Wales, The Netherlands and Spain - for starters.  The album will be distributed in USA, The Netherlands and Ireland (more details on this soon). 

The album "ghoul's out" features Thinguma*jigSaw's finest compositions to date (including such established live- favourites as "we`re all doomed" and "the perfidious sarcophagus"), and wonderful guest performances by Peter Delaney, Sport Murphy, Cian Nugent, Sharron Kraus and Lily & Miles Murphy to boot! The album was recorded in Brooklyn, New York (Kennel Studio), Dublin (Dhulaigh Studio), Oslo (Crystal Canyons), and produced by James Pertusi, Jim Santo (US), Nicky Coghlan (IRL) and Robert Jønnum (NO). The final mixes were done by Robert Jønnum with Thinguma*jigSaw. Jønnum also mastered "ghoul's out".  Thinguma*jigSaw`s Martha Redivivus made the artwork for the album. "Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Ghoul's Out!"

Listen to the title track "ghoul's out" Spotify or Myspace
Or purchase the track from iTunes

us thingumies*

It's cool to prepare fans for new album out. I consider it to be a good informing post. And I'm sure those who bought it are not disappointed.

8/29/2016 11:48:32 pm

it really is the best album that you have written so far! Continue in the same direction


It's probably the most tiring time to wait for the last days before the release of such a long-awaited album, as time drags on very slowly.


My congratulations!! Your album is great. I am pleased to have it. Thank you very much.


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