What's new in the Thinguma-zone? 

Thinguma*jigSaw recently did a concert together with James Blackshaw in Oslo, and what a fine night that turned out to be! Thanks to Sten Ove Toft, Klubb Vriompeis and the venue Blå for getting together the tasty lineup of Blackshaw, Jens Carelius & Thinguma*jigSaw.

And yes! the new Thinguma*jigSaw album "ghoul's out" is now on Spotify!
(To find it by search, mind you, you must type "thinguma jigsaw" and omit the *)

Best wishes,
us thingumies*
'ghoul's out' on Spotify!
4/21/2016 06:39:35 am

Thanks for sharing. I think this concert was great and people enjoyed it as well as musicians themselves. I wish them more and more positive emotions.

8/29/2016 11:49:45 pm

Yes! and it was a delightful concert. I'm sorry that I could not get there

4/3/2018 09:11:06 am

That is really great to visit the concerts that you really like. I am pleased to have found your site.

9/9/2023 06:08:04 pm

Great blog post


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